Our Team

Our team includes:

  • experienced lawyers with long tenure in the content industries
  • experts in IP and content protection experienced in tackling the trafficking and distribution of pirated and counterfeit goods
  • digital advertising executives with knowledge of the ad trading ecosystem
  • a highly skilled global investigations and data analysis team, putting us at the cutting edge of Internet surveillance and website forensics

Our IP Experts


  • Peter Szyszko
    Peter is a lawyer specialised in intellectual property, Internet regulation and technology law. He has over 15 years' experience in online IP protection and has held positions at private law firms and large media companies. Peter has been closely engaged with the digital trading ecosystem and worked extensively in the technology arena.

Los Angeles:

  • Jane Sunderland
    Jane is an attorney with over fifteen years' experience directing anti-piracy strategy at major media companies. Her extensive experience includes government liaison coordination and digital strategy development as well as advising on new media online distribution.