Without Data-driven Intelligence, Your Advertising Budget May Be Funding High Risk IP Infringing Websites.
Our IPI Index™ Gives You That Intelligence.

We offer Brand Safety & Ad Industry Trust Solutions.
We provide Intelligence on IP Infringing Websites and Protection for your Digital Ad Campaigns.

How We Help You

Verify Websites Before Bidding

Are you responsible for advertising spend and audience selection?

You need to know where your ads appear - you may be surprised how many end up on high risk websites.

Run IP risk checks before bidding on a URL using the IPI Index™ for preemptive pre-bid protection.

Our intelligence helps ensure your ads do not appear on IP infringing websites.



Are you responsible for ad placement compliance?

You should be checking if your ads appear on high risk IP infringing websites.

Request alerts from the IPI Index™ when brand campaigns run on IP infringing websites.

Our transparency reports help you manage post-bid compliance checks.



Are you looking for intelligence on digital advertising and online IP infringement?

You can enhance your understanding of IP infringement, the impact of wasted ad spend and identify targets and evidence.

Extract actionable data from the IPI Index™ on high risk websites or seek details on the scope and scale of ad support.

Our dynamic IPI scores can be integrated as risk signals to filter inventory lists, improve analysis or enhance taxonomy and our landscape reports inform policy decisions and measure impact of action.


About The IPI Index™

Our Unique Product. The Standard for Online IP Risk Assessment

When it comes to understanding IP infringing websites, we have a unique competitive advantage: we have created the IPI Index™, proprietary technology to assess websites using over 400 different data points and specialist criteria validated by IP owners, IP lawyers and law enforcement. Smart algorithms and A.I. then score websites using this data. We evaluate not only IP infringements but also consider complex legal factors, how the websites operate, market themselves and make money. Together with our intelligent web-crawling, this means we stay ahead of the competition, identifying existing and new websites as they evolve and scoring them accurately according to IP infringement risk profile.

The IPI Index™ is a unique proposition: the standard for Online IP Risk assessment that can be applied consistently and objectively. The IPI Index™ allows each user to make an informed choice on how to interact with a website, whether the user is a Brand, Advertising Agency, DSP, SSP, Ad Exchange, Ad Network or Ad Server.


Key Benefits

  • Secure Brand Integrity With Informed Decisions
  • Avoid Ad Bidding on High Risk Websites
  • Create Verified Publisher Lists
  • Validate Your Ad Spend on Safe Websites
  • Track Inadvertent Ads On High Risk Websites
  • Improve Transparency In Your Supply Chain
  • Meet Compliance, Regulatory & Legal Obligations

Clarity & Ease of use

  • Easy API integration for data access.
  • Simple reporting with trend analysis.
  • Clear CPM or subscription based charging.

More Information

whiteBULLET has created the first comprehensive, global IP trust index that provides intelligence and clarity about the IP infringement risk posed by websites.

whiteBULLET identifies, scores and monitors IP infringing websites. We use predictive machine learning algorithms and over 400 data points and classification criteria to score each website consistently, objectively and independently. The IPI Index™ scores websites as low, medium or high risk and our systems have been validated by IP rights owners, regulators and law enforcement.

The IPI Index™ is an evolving, dynamic database updating risk scores daily, so it adapts to the changing profile of websites and avoids the censorship afforded by static lists.

The IPI Index™ guides the digital advertising ecosystem, securing brand integrity, by informing and protecting brands from advertising on IP infringing websites.

We collect a wealth of intelligence about websites in our IPI Index™, making it a vast global database. It includes IP risk scores for websites, as well IP and domain related data. It also includes valuable information about the advertising that appears on these websites, identifying brands and the ad companies that placed the ads.

Our unique ability to identify existing and new IP infringing websites means we protect you better.


City Of London Police - Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit
EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office
Intellectual Property Office
MPA - Motion Picture Association
NBC Universal
TAG - Trustworthy Accountability Group
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